Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Pose? I Hate Posing.

No, no and NO! I’m all about real authentic moments! I believe people are at their most beautiful when they’re so lost in the moment not realising I’m there or so busy having fun with the little games I get them playing.

Do You Still Take The Traditional Stuff?

I do! As much as group photos are a massive pain in the butt they’re so bloody worth it! I always advise no more than 5 just to cover your immediate family and friends, plus a couple cool creative fun ones with your bridal party.

How Do We Book?

Well, first things first holla at me! Let’s get that ball rolling. Once we’ve had a chat in person or on skype and you’re happy to go ahead then I just need a £500 deposit and a signed contract.

Can We Be Friends?

OF COURSE! What us wedding photographers do is so very personal! I want to get to know about you and your big day, that way I can get just as excited about it as you both. (Probs more. I’m a very excitable human)