About me.


Preach. If we didn’t have love, I reckon it’d be a dull old life. That’s why I spend my time taking beautiful pictures of people who are ridiculously, wildly, hopelessly in love. I’ve been having an incredibly passionate affair with photography for 4 years now and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In short, I love what I do.

I’m all about the quirky wedding. Give me vows made under the stars in a secluded forest, brides wrapped in scarlet lace, grooms with tattoo sleeves peeking out of beautifully tailored shirts. The more creative and jaw-dropping, the better as far as I’m concerned.

If you’re looking for a relaxed yet stunning style of photography that’s young, beautifully curated with a dash of wit and absolutely no clichés, then I’m your girl.


Give me an ELOPEMENT. ANYDAY. ANYWHERE // Vegas BABYYYY // A beach wedding // A wedding at a fun Fair // A wedding with a rainbow haired bride //A wedding on a mountain or in front of waterfall // A wedding where the transport involves a Vespa or motorbike // A wedding where you get your pets involved ( If you happen to have pet Lambs than you get a special discount) // A treehouse wedding // A wedding at the Asylum


do i have to pose? I hate posing.

No, no and NO! I’m all about real authentic moments! I believe people are at their most beautiful when they’re so lost in the moment not realising I’m there or so busy having fun with the little games I get them playing.

Do you still take the traditional stuff?

I do! As much as group photos are a massive pain in the butt they’re so bloody worth it! I always advise no more than 10 just to cover your immediate family and friends, plus a couple cool creative fun ones with your bridal party.

How do we book?
Well, first things first holla at me! Let’s get that ball rolling and we can take it from there!
Can we be friends?

OF COURSE! What us wedding photographers do is so very personal! I want to get to know about you and your big day, that way I can get just as excited about it as you both. (Probs more. I’m a very excitable human)

Random facts about me


>>  I LOVEEEEE going on adventures and exploring! The more random the better in my book! Above I’ve included some pictures on some of my favourite adventurous.

>> I’m a romantic!  (I’m like 99.9% sure my girlfriend would agree)

>>On my days off when I haven’t got my camera in hand you’ll find me doing something creative. I spend a lot of time at my nearest pottery painting shop, I find it so relaxing.

>> One of my guilty pleasures is being tucked up in bed watching cartoons or animated movies anything from Disney to Archer and Bo jack horseman add in some beans on toast and I’m one happy bunny.

>> I really love long car drives! Listening to some good tunes and also singing along at the top of my lung’s or listening to my fav podcast ( My dad wrote a porno is currently my fav! Make sure you give it a listen). Give me long car drives in a scenic place and OMG I’m in bliss.

My bucket list

>> I want to visit every continent ( 5 down 1 to go)

>> Bottle feed a little Lamb ( This would probably overfill my heart with so much joy, I’d burst! I love those little bouncy clouds of cuteness)

>> Go skydiving ( Very basic of me but still)

>> Live in another country for a whole month

>> Attend a tacky AF wedding in Vegas ( I don’t even have to be photographing it)

>> Learn to play the ukulele! ( It’s a working process)